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Ratings and Waiting
A humbling surprize
Happy tears and high fives
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summer 2016
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summer 2016

Ratings and Waiting

Good Morning everyone

How are you?

We are great!! Well.... Surprise.... YODLE ratings went from fair to good recently.  I am so very excited about that!!!! Life is good and going forward. Today, I will send out vendor reviews letters and see what happens.  Gosh, I am nervous, I hope I have earned good reviews from my vendors. I hope I have earned that trust and confidence with them.  So many of them have such good companies and are good people.  I will write 25 more today and wait.

A humbling surprize

Good morning,

Welllll...... setting up was quick and tidy with Yodle to start.  Now the work on my part begins.  hahahahaha I sent out my first batch of reviews.  I was concerned only because people are so bust these days and time with family friends and work is so much more important than writing a review. 

I was clearly honored and surprised when i saw five reviews the first day.  What a total honor and wonderful day.  I felt in those moments as if I had done a good job and needed to do more and an even better job to continue to earn the trust and confidence.

Happy tears and high fives

I start this the new entry with saying I am a bit bittersweet sad today and it has been too long since I did a post. Far too long indeed.  
2 long term clients are moving on in the course of business.  I have had both almost 10 years.  They have become friends and people I admire and enjoy serving.  They both are growing in their lives and are needing to reestablish themselves to grow and expand.

One client is making his managed property an office and home for his foreman. I give them a high five for that!
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