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April fools day and Zilkers gardens calendar

Austin Tenants council has value to management companies

Austin Tenants Council serves us all. 

Landlords and Tenants have a great resource at our fingertips.  Just a phone call away. Call 474 1961

Ask questions and confirming facts of a lease is helpful. Questions on property code is a call away. Helps in those hard decisions at times.

Over the years free mediation and property code advice  has been and is valuable to management companies and single property owners.

Residents knowing the rights they have and do not is great as well. This makes for a wonderful professional relationship all the way around for all parties.

Pipe leaks and City Council

How to react to a pipeline you hit

DO stop work on site and or project immediately.

DO turn off  and leave all equipment and vehicles safely but quickly.

DO immediately leave the area, on foot, in an upwind or crosswind direction, away from any fumes or vapors.

DO warn others to stay back and away,

DO NOT operate any pipeline valves

DO NOT touch or inhale any of the product, fumes or vapor.

DO NOT make phone calls, start engines,light a match, smoke,or even cut on and off lights or do anything that could ignite the product.

Its spring and summer projects are all over

How you can prevent pipeline damage to your property or someone else"s

Texas one call centers phone numbers and websites:

811 national             811         

Lone Star 811          1 800 669 8344

Texas 811                811                   www.

Zilker park and

3408 Northland Unit C (STUDIO) Austin, TX 78731


Click the following link to view the MLS listing:
Paul R. Gonzales/Broker 

Your Postlet is Now is now active and is publicly available at the following URL 

Click here for news, adds, events, fun things to do and current things for Austin.

Its a great go to place find out information.
Click here for news, adds, events, fun things to do and current things for Austin.

I love this site for information, adds, fun and events!!!!

Information is always helpful

Spring break, Friends, Family and Peers

2505 Alleyton Cv. Austin, TX 78725(south 183)

  "We are so thankful to have such great renters.  This makes our company a pleasure to own and build.  Thank you"  We met again over the weekend. They seem so great.  I love when a plan comes together and situations are win win for everyone.  this makes life so much better and positively wonderfully successful.

Personal note;  I watched my family fly kites high in the sky when strong arms and smiles.  What a joy that was.

new and old residents

Its leased  2505 Alleyton Cove We are so excited to have new residents.  We wish formers ones great luck.  Moving on into field work now.  We are happy for them. 

Click the following link to view the listing:
Paul R. Gonzales/Broker

Your Postlet is Now Active and is publicly available at the following URL:

Now craigs list is live:


I sent out requests to gain permission to use quotes from cliets friend residents for my quotes page.  I thought out of the three dozen or more I sent out I would get one maybe two.  I would be pleased and Thankful for that.

I received almost two dozen replies back, with praise.  I am so honored.  I am so very thankful and I am humbled. To everyone Thank you ever so much.  I cannot express how grateful Dylan and I have been and will be.

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