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Stats show we all need a break from work
Ratings and Waiting
A humbling surprize
Happy tears and high fives
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summer 2016
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Spring break, Friends, Family and Peers

2505 Alleyton Cv. Austin, TX 78725(south 183)

  "We are so thankful to have such great renters.  This makes our company a pleasure to own and build.  Thank you"  We met again over the weekend. They seem so great.  I love when a plan comes together and situations are win win for everyone.  this makes life so much better and positively wonderfully successful.

Personal note;  I watched my family fly kites high in the sky when strong arms and smiles.  What a joy that was.

new and old residents

Its leased  2505 Alleyton Cove We are so excited to have new residents.  We wish formers ones great luck.  Moving on into field work now.  We are happy for them. 

Click the following link to view the listing:
Paul R. Gonzales/Broker

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Now craigs list is live:


I sent out requests to gain permission to use quotes from cliets friend residents for my quotes page.  I thought out of the three dozen or more I sent out I would get one maybe two.  I would be pleased and Thankful for that.

I received almost two dozen replies back, with praise.  I am so honored.  I am so very thankful and I am humbled. To everyone Thank you ever so much.  I cannot express how grateful Dylan and I have been and will be.


International Women's day

Today is a great day! International Woman's day!  A day to be proud of.  We have come far in our travels. Still far to go. In my own family: my grandmother was the first Woman to reach supervisor with the IRS. My great grandmother the first female teacher at Texas State college.  My mother's gift was her service to others.  Me; I am working on living up to all three beautiful, smart and vibrant women. I am the first to own a small company of ten years, in my family.  I will be the first to hold a brokers license(working on that) and My gift as I am told is my positivity and excitement towards life each day.


Click the following link to view the listing:

Great find and coming update

I see so many former and current residents. I really like this. My company is as personal as it is a business and I just found another way to know my residents better and them us. What a great find!  I am so excited about this fact. 

New pictures of Northland c unit remodel coming tomorrow. march 5th.

personal note.  I have been working on rocking my yard and 3/4 completed last stage waiting on weather to stabilize a bit. The strangest of years.  anyone agree?

remodel of c unit and workout goals

new studio and midnight spaghetti

 3408 Northland Unit C  Austin, TX 78731  This studio is delightfully updated and remodeled.  I am so excited to lease it and see everyone's reactions to seeing it with the extras added.  : ADD IS LIVE!!

Personal not I found this recipe that is great at midnight when you cannot sleep:

spaghetti cooked
one spoon butter
one spoon olive oil
Parmesan cheese
or any other herbs at hand

easy fast and filling and so very yummy.

We will be getting a raise

2/27/2014 Today is my first blog.  I am so excited.  We just heard from a long term client, He says its time for a raise.  Another house in may.  As he succeeds , so do we.  Together we grow and prosper. 

On a personal not:  I tried a blueberry munchkin today and it was great!  I love them.  Now to top that... My kiddo hit AB honor roll.  Double wowwww!! We are both very proud of that achievement.
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